Body Care/Massage

    • Express Massage (25 minutes)
    • Full Body Massage
    • Full Body Massage Series (6)
    • 80 Minute Massage
    • Aromatherapy Massage
    • Hot Stone Therapy Massage
    • CBD Oil Therapy Massage
    • A therapeutic massage with a curated CBD infused massage cream to combat inflammation, joint and muscle pain.

    • Bamboo Therapy Massage
    • Signature Anti-aging Retinol Treatment
    • A French sea salt exfoliation combined with a creme Frache wrap followed by an anti-aging butter cream to seal hydration. Replenishing collagen & elastin, correcting sun damage.

    • Rain Drop Therapy Treatment
    • Essential oils applied to the neck, back and feet to bring about electrical alignment and help relieve a variety of discomforts caused by imbalance in the body. (Note: This treatment is only available at our downtown and western Cincinnati locations)

    • Airbrush Tanning
    • Our professional airbrush artist will provide you with a customized tanning experience. We use the highest quality tanning products to ensure a healthy, natural looking glow.

    • Airbrush Tanning (Series of 6)
    • Airbrush Tanning (Series of 12)
    • Back Treatment
    • A clarifying treatment for acne prone areas on the back and shoulders. Skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and revitalized.